Fallout Kid (falloutkid) wrote,
Fallout Kid


This is the most neglected journal in the world. First post this year, hahaha.

Have you ever missed people, and not called them, because they're no longer the person you miss? How ridiculous. Some old betrayal and transmuted them into some strange ambiguous form.

I should be doing work for finals, but I'm poking through the "cemetery" of photos of dead friends. A significant motivator? What would they be doing with their time, if they were the ones sitting in this chair with a test on Monday, instead of me. A lot still comes down to the fact that they would have been a good lawyer, but they are gone. It's up to me to chase down those dreams of education now, and I cannot be wasting time mourning. Nevertheless, my fingers would caress a headstone properly tonight, and then I would sigh loud enough to be heard. Long weeds blowing like grass too long. So long.

Good night.
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