Fallout Kid (falloutkid) wrote,
Fallout Kid

Shit, son!

My esteemed colleague and roommate is right. 2010 is the year of top ten lists. Here's mine for the past little while:
  1. The house is quiet as shit. I think that it's just me, the occasional mice and Napkin, Chief of the Bureau of Rodent Population Control. Even with three legs, she is a Cattress that maintains a strict quota. Everyone else is out. Makes for great alone time, but also makes me stay out later.
  2. This is a weakass winter. I have seen the sun several times, and for long periods of time. Does that mean another brutal summer?
  3. A guilty conscience is my guide: I have been making it out to anti-fur protests again, especially in lieu of the recent events of a fella setting himself on fire outside the store. For those not in the know, Daniel Shaull, 26, originally from Kansas, has died of his injuries, but not before being maced by the police while burning alive. True story, ask google. I have been trying to make regular appearances at the ongoing protests, and so have dancing paparazzi, one liner comedians ("Heh. Got a light?"), and the occasional po-po. I tell ya, what a fucking city. You heard it here last, but wow...... un-fucking-believable.
  4. I am slowly healing from cracked ribs when I smashed my bicycle into the ground. Ironically, I damaged myself far worse when there was nobody to blame it on except own damn self, much more so than when I got hit by an automobile last summer.
  5. Mid-terms and all the shit that goes with it. I am doing much better now that I ditched my Spanish class this term. Sad..... I miss Spanish! Next term we will reunite, though.
  6. Vegan food is good, but hella expensive. So is cardiac surgery, so I'd rather pay now.
  7. I got a job tutoring at school. I am impressed by the breadth of ignorance in one of the classes. Between all of the students, the gaps in knowledge are nearly complete. I shouldn't make fun.... I was there once, too. However, I never sought a place to live there, and I am alarmed by the stagnant slum that has taken root this term. To paraphrase Amiri Baraka, "This is how ghettos grow." Time to roll up them sleeves.
  8. All of my work is school-centric, though. No other job outside of the one mentioned above. I'm liking it, but I'm literally going to turn into a bean counter making it all work out.
  9. I wonder if all work and no play really does make me a whack, dull boy?
  10. I miss Owen.
  11. Getting married this year. Crazy, baby.
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