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The Fall and Fall and the Fall and the Fight of the Falloutkid

Observations from a poisonous world

Fallout Kid
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Hello, how are you? I'm 26, now a sober xpunkx kid, ex-junkie, a prodigal of Utah County, though I am bound to leave again. I am a shitworker of various trades by paid profession, but a writer by nightly labor of love. Born into a Mormon family, I have since shed myself of those shackles years ago. This has taught me to become wary of organized religion, although not intolerant. In the broken afterwards of this, I thought I would feel better, or maybe even find myself by using drugs, but I only found a habit that ground myself down worse. I have only now conquered it, after eight years of wasting my life. Despite the damages inflicted upon my brain by both of these unfortunate paths of life, I cannot determine which has had a worse effect. Drugs have damaged my body and distorted my mind, and the religion of my fathers' has equally torn my soul to bloody shreds and had me believing one thousand lies.

I have recently lived in San José, Ca, then, back to my hometown Provo, Utah, now up in Portland, Oregon. In the past two years I took a bicycle trip for 560 miles on the road solo starting San José. It was the first time I tried it, and it was a lot of fun. I want to try going from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean sometime soon with my friend Shaunxcore if we can get away from reality for six weeks to go out on tour. Life is better when you ride a bike.

In life, I only want to see more of the world and be rid of my burden of hatred. I like bicycles and want to work on them for a living. I also want to be able to help people fight for our justice, as human beings. I'm going back to school in 2008 to study to become a paralegal, trying for a pre-law education, and eventually, law school. I am drawing on inspiration by the likes of William Kunstler, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the IWW, and by my outrage at injustice everywhere. Up the punx. Word.

Here is something I am still experimenting with: